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ANAGRAM & CROSSWORD ASSISTANT (Audama Software - Products - iOS - Anagram & Crossword Assistant)
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Anagram/Crossword Assistant Anagram & Crossword
iPhone Screenshots
Click on thumbnail to see larger image:
Screenshot - Sample Input Screenshot - Crossword Result
Sample Input Crossword Result
Screenshot - Anagram Results Screenshot - Wildcard Result (Anagram)
Anagram Results Wildcard Result (Anagram)
Screenshot - Settings
iPad Screenshots
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Screenshot - Anagram Result Screenshot - Crossword Result
Anagram Result Crossword Result
Screenshot -  Crossword Input (Landscape)
Crossword Input (Landscape)
Screenshot - Sort Results
Sort Results
Screenshot - Settings

Solve anagram and crossword puzzles quickly! Just enter the anagram or known crossword letters and the app will find all the possible word matches. This can be used with games such as Scrabble or Words With Friends or any traditional crossword puzzle. Simply select the type of puzzle you need assistance with (anagram or crossword) from the app settings and app will process the input accordingly.

Select any of the following word lists for finding matches:

  • American English (~100,000 words) (Standard & Proper Names)
  • British English (~100,000 words) (Standard & Proper Names)
  • TWL (~175,000 words) (USA/Canada Scrabble tournament word list
  • ENABLE (~175,000 words) (The Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon)
  • SOWPODS (~275,000 words) (British/Australian Scrabble tournament word list)
  • ODS (~375,000 words) (French Scrabble tournament word list)

Sort the results based on any of the following criteria: (The iPhone/iPod will only display 1 sorted column at a time. The iPad will display 3 individually sorted columns at a time (2 columns in portrait mode))

  • Match Percentage (anagram only)
  • Alphabetical (ascending/descending)
  • Word Length (ascending/descending) (anagram only)
  • Word Count (ascending/descending)

Select a word result to look up the definition on an online dictionary site. The following sites can be used:

  • Wiktionary (English)
  • Wiktionary (French)

You can enter multiple words at a time. You can also specify whether multiple words can be found within each individual word input. Use a question mark (?) character as a wildcard or blank tile in anagram mode. Use a question mark (?) character to represent unknown letters in crossword mode.

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Works on any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with OS 3.0 or newer.

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