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WORD BLENDER (Audama Software - Products - iOS - Word Blender)
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Word Blender Word Blender
Click on thumbnail to see larger image:
Screenshot - Scramble Individual Words Screenshot - Scramble Across Words
Scramble Individual Words Scramble Across Words
Screenshot - Settings Screenshot - Preserve First/Last Letters
Settings Preserve First/Last Letters
Screenshot - Copy Results
Copy Results

The Word Blender scrambles words and phrases so you can make your own word scramble/jumble puzzle. Lots of scrambled results are generated so you can pick the one that looks best to you. Your choice from the results can then be quickly copied to the iPhone clipboard and then pasted into any other app.

You aren't just limited to letters. The Word Blender will scramble any string of characters including numbers and symbols.

The settings window provides lots of scrambling options including:

  • How scrambled to make the results,
  • Remove spaces when scrambling a sentence or phrase,
  • Scramble the letters only within individual words or across the entire phrase/sentence,
  • Number of results to show so you can pick the result that looks the best to you,
  • Preserve the placement of the first and last letters of each word (this provides a surprisingly readable result),
  • Allow or prevent unscrambled results which technically can occur due to the random nature of the scrambling process.
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Works on any iPhone or iPod Touch with OS 3.0 or newer.

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