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Document Name: OpsCenter 3 FAQ
Last Updated: July 13, 2006
OpsCenter Versions: 3.0.0 to 3.5.0
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About OpsCenter:

OpsCenter Installation:

OpsCenter Configuration & Administration:

Using OpsCenter:

About OpsCenter:

  • 1) How much do the OpsCenter updates cost?
  • All OpsCenter updates within the 3.x.x version are free.

  • 2) How often are OpsCenter updates released?
  • There is no regular schedule for releasing OpsCenter updates. There are usually several updates of various sizes throughout the year.

OpsCenter Installation:

  • 1) Error when creating database: "The database could not be created."
  • This is usually caused by incorrect folder permissions. Verify the destination folder exists and the user has full read/write permissions on it.

  • 2) Error when connecting client to existing OpsCenter database during profile setup: "The selected file is not a valid OpsCenter database."
  • First, verify that the user has full read/write permissions on the folder that contains the database file. If the file permissions are correct, try reinstalling the OpsCenter client on the affected computer and try again. This should correct the problem and there shouldn't be any future connection issues.

  • 3) I can not select any fields or enter any data in the Database Wizard or Add User Wizard.
  • Some computers running Windows NT 4.0 may experience a problem where the Database Wizard and Add User Wizard are not given focus when they appear on the screen. A simple workaround for this problem is to press alt-tab and switch focus to another application or folder. Then press alt-tab again to switch back to OpsCenter. The wizards should then work fine. The wizards are only used in the initial OpsCenter network setup so this shouldn't be encountered on subsequent client installations or setups.

  • 4) How do I upgrade to the newest version of OpsCenter?
  • There is upgrade documentation here.

  • 5) Will OpsCenter run on Windows XP with service pack 2 installed?
  • OpsCenter has been tested to work on Windows XP with service pack 2. The only issue is with the XP enhanced built-in firewall. OpsCenter is designed to communicate with other OpsCenter clients on the same local area network (LAN). This communication is necessary for some functionality to work properly as well as keeping the entire OpsCenter system synchronized. The enhanced firewall will display a warning message saying OpsCenter is trying to access the network. If this communication is blocked, OpsCenter will not be able to operate as designed. OpsCenter does not communicate with the outside Internet except when a user selects the option to check the Internet for updates.

  • 6) Can OpsCenter be installed on a Windows Terminal Services Server or Citrix Server?
  • Yes. See the installation documentation for details on how to set this up.

OpsCenter Configuration & Administration:

  • 1) How do I delete a profile on a computer?
  • The profile for a computer is stored in an .ini file. By default, this file is called opscenter.ini and is stored in the OpsCenter program folder. Simply delete this file and OpsCenter will run the profile setup the next time it starts. The file name and location is also listed in the preferences window. Starting in OpsCenter 3.4.0, you can also select disconnect from the File menu and then select Clear user profile from the File menu.

  • 2) I have a computer in which multiple users share. How do I set up OpsCenter work in this situation?
  • There are several options. See the installation documentation for more details.

Using OpsCenter:

  • 1) Can I set a custom status other than "IN", "OUT", "DND", or "VACA"?."
  • Custom statuses can be defined using the Status Alias feature.

  • 2) How do I access the printer options or printer setup when printing?
  • When you are "Viewing" any item, select Print Setup from the File menu.

  • 3) How can I reset the saved table layout to the default view?
  • Starting in OpsCenter 3.3.0, the table field order and sizes are completely customizable. The changes made to the table views are also saved for the next time the OpsCenter program is executed. It is possible to reset the table view to the default configuration.

    The custom table layout views are saved in a configuration file. First, exit out of OpsCenter. Next open up the OpsCenter program folder (C:\Program Files\Audama Software\OpsCenter\) and delete the file called "display1.ini". Last, restart OpsCenter and the table fields will be reset to their default configuration. Starting in OpsCenter 3.4.0, the file has been moved to C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Audama\OpsCenter.

    Starting in OpsCenter 3.5.0, you can right click the table column headers and select Reset table layout.

  • 4) Is it possible to print out information on a table?
  • Table printing has been added in the 3.4.0 version. You can download the latest version here.

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