The Business OpsCenter 3.8.2

Getting Started Tutorial/Guide

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Quick Instructions


This installation guide will allow you to quickly setup OpsCenter on your network. From the time the SetupOpsCenter3_Full.exe program is executed, the menus and on-screen instructions should guide you through the entire installation process. Below is a brief outline of the whole setup process:


1)Install the OpsCenter client on any workstation (preferably on the workstation used by the person who is going to administrate the OpsCenter system. However, the OpsCenter client software does not need to be installed on the computer acting as the file server. Only the database file needs to be installed on the file server. This is done in step 3),
2)Run the OpsCenter program to automatically create a new user profile on the workstation,
3)Follow the Database Setup Wizard to create a new OpsCenter database (set the database path to a folder that is read/write accessible by all users and computers that will be running OpsCenter clients.),
4)Follow the New User Wizard to set up a new OpsCenter user (the first user will be a full administrator on the OpsCenter system),
5)When OpsCenter is up and running with the first user, add additional user names using the Manage Users option under the Admin Controls menu,
6)When all the users are created, install the OpsCenter program on the remaining workstations,
7)On all the subsequent OpsCenter workstation installations, create a new user profile but select the existing database that was created during the first OpsCenter setup,
8)Select the default user for each workstation from the list of users created earlier,
9)All computers are now configured to run OpsCenter. OpsCenter will remember the user name and database location every time it starts.



More Detailed Instructions


For a more detailed explanation of the installation and setup process, go through the following sections of the help file in order:

About the installation

Database installation

First client installation

Setting up users

Subsequent client installations


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