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The Business OpsCenter More Information Download Purchase OpsCenter Screenshot - Status Window
Share employee status information and schedules between all the computers in an office. This software is designed to be used by all employees. The core features of The Business OpsCenter include:
  • A real-time, networked, employee in/out board,
  • Sending and receiving text/phone messages,
  • Vacation/sick day calendar and management system with optional vacation requests,
  • Bulletin board system,
  • Event calendar,
  • Out-of-office and work schedule manager, and
  • Highly customizable features on both the system level and individual client level.
  • And much more... More Information

Personnel Folders More Information Download Purchase Personnel Folders Screenshot
Manage employee information and time off schedules and benefits from a small number of computers. This software is designed for human resource or office managers. The core features of Personnel Folders includes:
  • Keep track of various types of schedule information - vacation schedules, sick days, personal time off, out-of-office schedules, holidays, and other events,
  • Display the schedule information in multiple calendar views,
  • Quickly track and view employee Time off benefits accrued and used,
  • Stores important employee information including addresses/phone numbers, emergency contacts, employee notes, and work status,
  • Manage an unlimited number of employees,
  • And much more... More Information

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