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Counters, Organized!Counters, Organized!
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Main View Counter Detail
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Modifier Detail Event Log
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Export App Settings

Maintain an organized list of independent count or tally records. The counter records can be highly customized based on how you need to modify the counter value. You can set up the counters to count up, count down, log events, reset to zero, or all of the above.

The counter records can be organized or categorized using a traditional folder system and color coding system so you can set it up in a way that works best for you. Additional data/properties can be stored with each counter as needed. Counters can also be copied and moved to further help with organization.

For counts that occur over a long period of time, this app will maintain a log of all the value change events. This allows you to look back at when specific events occurred. This log data can even be exported in a variety of different ways.

If you need to maintain a count or tally of anything (short-term or long-term), this app will meet your needs.

BASIC Features (built into the core app)

  • Unlimited number of counters.
  • Create basic increment/decrement modifiers.
  • Limited organization with folders.
  • View most recent count modification event.

PROFESSIONAL Features (available through a one-time in-app purchase)

  • No ads.
  • Unlimited folders for organizing counters.
  • Add custom data properties to Folder and Counter records. Also additional customization options for each record such as color.
  • Copying existing records in-place and copy/move counters between folders.
  • Multiple modifiers per counter, asynchronous increment/decrement, fractional and zero value increment/decrement, customize button configuration, 'Quick Configuration Wizard' for quickly setting up modifiers based on predefined templates.
  • View and edit the counter's event log.
  • Customize global app settings such as the display format for units and setting defaults such as record colors and add position.
  • Export counter and it's event log to other apps (or to email) in a CSV or TXT file.
Works on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.0 or newer. Download now on the iOS App Store:
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