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- Anagram & Crossword Assistant
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- Word Unscrambler

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Map It Quick!Map It Quick!
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Screenshot - First Location Screenshot - Action
First Location Action
Screenshot - Second Location Screenshot - Email
Second Location Email
Screenshot - Current Location Screenshot - Settings
Current Location Settings

Quickly save an address or your current GPS coordinates right now and then plot it on a map or get directions to it at any time in the future. Alternatively, you can send locations and directions to anyone else via email. Generating directions using Map It Quick! only takes a few touches of the screen:

  • First, select the location/address you want to work with (either from the saved locations in the app, calculated from your current location, or from the iPhone Address Book),
  • Second, select the action you wish to perform, either map/email the previously selected location or choose another location to generate directions to/from,
  • Finally, if necessary, choose the second location to use as the start or destination point.

That's it! A map or email with directions can be generated with as few as 3 touches of the screen.

But wait! There's more! Here are more actions you can perform with any address or GPS location:

  • search for any type of business around the location and map/email directions,
  • for GPS coordinates, find the approximate address,
  • for addresses, add to a new or existing iPhone Address Book contact

Map It Quick! can be used to quickly save addresses which don't require a new address book entry. For example, a friend gives you the address of a party taking place this Friday. Save the address right away in this app and when the time comes, quickly bring up the address and get directions to it. Also, this app can save your current location so you can use it to find your way back to where you parked your car or any other similar situation.

This app supports address formats for all of the countries currently supported by the iPhone Address Book.

This free app is ad supported but you can permanently remove the ads by purchasing the in-app upgrade. Just click the "Remove Ads" button in the Upgrade section of the App Settings window.

Works on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 3.0 or newer. Download now on the iOS App Store:
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