Personnel Folders 1.6.1

Some of the toolbar icons were replaced with text.  How do I fix it?

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This can sometimes occur after you downgrade the Personnel Folders software by installing an older version on top of a newer version.  The older version will function normally but the saved toolbar display settings from the newer version may not be fully compatible with the toolbar used in the older version.  The following steps will fix this:


1.Browse to the Personnel Folders application data folder (normally "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Audama\PFolders") or click on the "View App Data Files" button on the "Files/Paths" tab in the Preferences window.
2.Close Personnel Folders if it is currently running.
3.Delete the file "display2.ini".
4.Restart Personnel Folders and the toolbar should now appear with the icons correctly displayed.  The "display2.ini" file will be automatically recreated with the toolbar settings appropriate to the software version you are using.


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