Personnel Folders 1.6.1

Introduction to Personnel Folders

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Version: 1.6.1

Last Updated: August 12, 2008


About Personnel Folders:

Personnel Folders manages employee information and time off schedules and benefits.  This software is designed for human resource or office managers.  It provides a central place to store all employee related information.


This includes vacation schedules, sick days, personal time off, out-of-office schedules, holidays, and other events.  Multiple calendar views provide a variety of ways to display and organize the schedule information.


The software also tracks employee information including addresses/phone numbers, emergency contacts, employee notes, and work status.  Time off benefits accrued and used can also be tracked.


Recommended System Requirements:

Pentium III class CPU
Windows 98/2000 or newer*
oWindows NT 4.0: Service pack 6
oWindows 2000: Service pack 3
oWindows XP: Service pack 1
oInternet Explorer 5 or newer
64 MB Ram
30 MB Hard Drive


Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium II class CPU
Windows 98/NT 4.0 or newer*
oWindows NT 4.0: Service pack 3
oInternet Explorer 4.01 or newer
32 MB Ram
20 MB Hard Drive


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