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The Business OpsCenter is an integrated office communication and tracking tool. The OpsCenter allows any user to immediately see the status of any other user. A receptionist can route, manage and take messages from customer or client calls much more quickly and efficiently. Team members can better communicate with each other. Consultants can come and go to visit clients without worrying about people not knowing where they are. All-round office efficiency improves dramatically. The core features of the OpsCenter include viewing, tracking, and managing user status (including user groupings), sending and receiving text messages including specialized phone messages, vacation calendar and management system, bulletin board system, and highly customizable features on both the system level and individual client level. OpsCenter supports up to 100 users and can be downloaded and evaluated for FREE with full functionality for 30 days. FREE Email tech support is also available.


The Business OpsCenter offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced communication between employees,
  • A more efficient, less frenetic office environment,
  • Improved customer service through faster and more direct responses to customer inquiries,
  • More organization, less paper,
  • Less time and labor spent on administrative tasks such as handling the phones.

Overall Benefit: Improved customer satisfaction, an increased demand for company's services and overall higher profits for the company.


The Business OpsCenter includes the following features:

  • User Status: Viewing, Tracking, and Management
    • User status tracking (In, Out, Do-Not-Disturb, Vacation) for up to 100 users,
    • Additional user information also displayed in status table: (user initials, phone extension, return time/date, time till return, memo),
    • Auto-notification of user status changes,
    • Control panel for easy status management,
    • Local user log file that records status changes,
  • Sending and Receiving Text Messages
    • Sending and receiving simple text messages. These "Notes" can be send to a single individual or to an entire group of users,
    • Sending and receiving specialized text messages for phone messages,
    • All transmitted and stored messages are encrypted,
  • Vacation Calendar and Request System
    • Vacation calendar and manager,
    • Vacation status and memo automatically set according to vacation schedule,
    • Optional Vacation request system where a specialized text message for vacation requests can be sent to and approved by specified users,
  • Bulletin Board System
    • Group based bulletin board. Posts can be scheduled to appear for specific groups of users,
  • User Storage and Security
    • Message inbox. Stores and manages received Notes, Phone Messages, Vacation Requests, and Bulletin Board Posts,
    • User permission levels to restrict controls and functionality,
    • Optional password protection on user accounts and logins,
  • User Preferences
    • Local user preferences to customize view and behavior of local OpsCenter client,
    • Color coding names and messages based on status and type,
    • Options to control program startup (run in system tray, start with windows, etc.),
  • Administration Controls
    • Highly customizable feature controls,
    • Grouping User's for filtering the displayed data. Groups can be defined system-wide or locally by individual users,
  • Also...
    • FREE full-featured, 30-day evaluation,
    • FREE Email-based technical support,
    • Built-in setup wizard for easy installation and configuration,
    • and much more...
Click on the thumbnail to see that larger image: (Note: Some full screen images have been resized to display properly at lower resolutions.)
Main desktop with status table,
control panel, and bulletin board:
Sending a simple text message: ("Note")
Sending a phone message:
Sending a vacation request:
Message inbox:
Vacation calendar:

The minimum system requirements for The Business OpsCenter are:

  • Pentium 166 CPU
  • Windows 95/NT 4.0 or newer*
    • Windows 95: DCOM95 components
    • Windows NT 4.0: Service pack 3
    • Internet Explorer 4 or newer
  • 32 MB Ram
  • 15 MB Hard Drive (additional .5 MB per user on database host computer)
  • Network Interface Card
  • TCP/IP capable network

The recommended system requirements for The Business OpsCenter are:

  • Pentium II class CPU
  • Windows 98/2000 or newer*
    • Windows 95: DCOM95 components
    • Windows NT 4.0: Service pack 6
    • Windows 2000: Service pack 3
    • Windows XP: Service pack 1
    • Internet Explorer 5 or newer
  • 64 MB Ram
  • 20 MB Hard Drive (additional 2 MB per user on database host computer)
  • Network Interface Card
  • TCP/IP capable network

*Click here for links to download the additional Windows service packs and components.

Click here to visit the download section for The Business OpsCenter.
Click here for information on purchasing licenses for The Business OpsCenter.

Please select from the following OpsCenter (Version 2) online support documents:

Installation Guide (Quick) (UPDATED: June 15, 2004)
Installation Guide (Expanded) (UPDATED: June 15, 2004)
Upgrade Guide (UPDATED: June 15, 2004)
Administration Guide (UPDATED: June 15, 2004)
User Guide (UPDATED: June 15, 2004)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (UPDATED: June 15, 2004)
Version History (UPDATED: June 15, 2004)
Click here for information on obtaining technical support for The Business OpsCenter.

Audama Software is excited to work on making the OpsCenter the best business tool on the market. We have quite a few improvements and new features that we are working on but our best source of ideas and suggestions will always be the businesses who use and rely on this software on a daily basis.

If you have any feedback or suggestions you would like to send us, send them to Audama Software Support. We look forward to hearing from you.

:: STATUS ::

The Business OpsCenter version 2 was released in April 2003. This version is no longer the current, most recent version but information and downloads for this version is still available on the website.

Technical support for this version is still available. Contact Audama Software Support for all support requests.

Major development is no longer being done on this version but limited development work can still be done on this version in special circumstances.

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