The Business OpsCenter 3.8.2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The following frequently asked questions provides quick answers to specific questions that come up with The Business OpsCenter:


About OpsCenter
oHow much do the OpsCenter updates cost?
oHow often are OpsCenter updates released?


OpsCenter Installation
oI can not select any fields or enter any data in the Database Wizard or Add User Wizard.
oHow do I upgrade to the newest version of OpsCenter?
oWill OpsCenter run on Windows XP with service pack 2 installed?
oWill OpsCenter run on Windows Vista?
oCan OpsCenter be installed on a Windows Terminal Services Server or Citrix Server?


OpsCenter Configuration & Administration
oHow do I delete a profile on a computer?
oI have a computer in which multiple users share. How do I set up OpsCenter work in this situation?


Using OpsCenter
oCan I set a custom status other than "IN", "OUT", "DND", or "VACA"?
oHow do I access the printer options when printing?
oHow can I reset the saved table layout to the default view?
oIs it possible to print out information on a table?
oSome of the toolbar icons were replaced with text.  How do I fix it?
oReceived messages aren't popping up.  Why not?


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