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PERSONNEL FOLDERS - Version 1 (Audama Software - Products - Personnel Folders 1)
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Click on thumbnail to see larger image:
Screenshot - Employees Window
Employees Window
Screenshot - Calendar Grid View
Calendar Grid View
Screenshot - Calendar Day View
Calendar Day View
Screenshot - Calendar Week View
Calendar Week View
Screenshot - Calendar Month View
Calendar Month View
Screenshot - Calendar Year View
Calendar Year View
Screenshot - Home Window
Home Window
Screenshot - Schedules Window
Schedules Window
(Note: Some full screen images have been resized to reduce file sizes and display properly at lower resolutions.)

Personnel Folders

Version 1.6


  • Quick Access to Employee Information: No more wasted time fumbling through physical files to find pertinent information,
  • Centralized Information: Store all employee information in a single, easily accessible program,
  • Improved Communication: Answer scheduling and benefits questions from your employees quickly and accurately,
  • Easy to Use: Entering new information and editing existing information is easy and direct. Calendars and data windows are well-organized and inviting,
  • Customizable settings: Tailor settings to meet your individual business needs,
  • Confidential and secure: Password protect the data to limit access.
  • More Information
  • Track of employee time off schedules such as:
    • Vacation Schedules,
    • Sick Days,
    • Personal Time Off,
    • Out-of-Office Schedules,
    • Holidays,
    • Events,
    • Paid and unpaid time off.
  • Track time off benefits accrued and used:
    • Automatically track accrued time off based on your companies accrual policy,
    • Track used time off based on vacation schedules, sick day, and personal time off schedules,
    • Show a time off benefit summary report for each employee.
  • Track of other types of employee information such as:
    • Addresses,
    • Phone Numbers,
    • Emergency/Family/Miscellaneous Contacts,
    • Employee Notes,
    • Special Days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.),
    • Time off benefits accrued/used,
    • Work status (salary, job position, manager, etc.).
  • Multiple calendar views to display schedule information:
    • Day view,
    • Week view,
    • Month view,
    • Year view,
    • Grid view.
  • Customizable groupings to organize employees based on:
    • Location,
    • Department,
    • Job Position,
    • Any other custom defined group.
  • Manage an unlimited number of employees,
  • Modern, customizable user interface for easy use and quick learning,
  • Customizable settings to fit individual business needs,
  • Setup wizards for quick and easy installation,
  • Optional password protection secures data,
  • FREE e-mail technical support,
  • And much more.
  • More Information
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
  • More Information
  • Fully-functional, 30-day evaluation available.
  • Download Now
  • Personnel Folders can be purchased for $99,
  • Purchase Methods: Online, Fax, Phone, Purchase Order, Check/Money Order, and Wire Transfer,
  • Accepted Currencies: US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen,
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Purchase Now

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