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Personnel Folders manages employee information and time off schedules and benefits. This software is designed for human resource or office managers. It provides a central place to store all employee related information.

This includes vacation schedules, sick days, personal time off, out-of-office schedules, holidays, and other events. Multiple calendar views provide a variety of ways to display and organize the schedule information.

The software also tracks employee information including addresses/phone numbers, emergency contacts, employee notes, and work status. Time off benefits accrued and used can also be tracked.

Personnel Folders can be used to manage an unlimited number of employees and can be downloaded and evaluated for FREE with full functionality for 30 days.


Personnel Folders offers the following benefits:

  • Manage employee information and time off schedules and benefits from a limited number of computers,
  • Quickly view employee time off schedules in a variety of different calendar formats,
  • Less time and labor spent on administrative tasks such as keeping track of time off schedules and benefits,
  • Store all employee related information in a single, easy to access program.

Overall Benefit: Improved ability to manage employee information and time off schedules.


Personnel Folders includes the following features:

  • Keep track of employee time off schedules such as:
    • Vacation Schedules
    • Sick Days
    • Personal Time Off
    • Out of office Schedules
    • Holidays
    • Events
    • Paid and unpaid time off
  • Keep track of other types of employee information such as:
    • Addresses
    • Phone Numbers
    • Emergency/Family/Miscellaneous Contacts
    • Employee Notes
    • Special Days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
    • Time off benefits accrued/used
    • Work status (salary, job position, manager, etc.)
  • Multiple calendar views to display schedule information:
    • Day view
    • Week view
    • Month view
    • Year view
    • Grid view
  • Customizable groupings to organize employees based on:
    • Location
    • Department
    • Job Position
    • Any other custom defined group
  • Also...
    • Manage an unlimited number of employees,
    • Modern, customizable user interface for easy use and quick learning,
    • Customizable settings to fit individual business needs,
    • Setup wizards for quick and easy installation,
    • FREE e-mail technical support,
    • And much more...
Click on thumbnail to see larger image:
Screenshot - Employees Window
Employees Window
Screenshot - Calendar Grid View
Calendar Grid View
Screenshot - Calendar Day View
Calendar Day View
Screenshot - Calendar Week View
Calendar Week View
Screenshot - Calendar Month View
Calendar Month View
Screenshot - Calendar Year View
Calendar Year View
Screenshot - Home Window
Home Window
Screenshot - Schedules Window
Schedules Window
(Note: Some full screen images have been resized to reduce file sizes and display properly at lower resolutions.)

The minimum system requirements for Personnel Folders are:

  • Pentium II class CPU
  • Windows 98/NT 4.0 or newer*
    • Windows NT 4.0: Service pack 3
    • Internet Explorer 4.01 or newer
  • 32 MB Ram
  • 20 MB Hard Drive

The recommended system requirements for Personnel Folders are:

  • Pentium III class CPU
  • Windows 98/2000 or newer*
    • Windows NT 4.0: Service pack 6
    • Windows 2000: Service pack 3
    • Windows XP: Service pack 1
    • Internet Explorer 5 or newer
  • 64 MB Ram
  • 30 MB Hard Drive

*Click here for links to download the additional Windows service packs and components.

Click here to visit the download section for Personnel Folders.
Click here for information on purchasing a license for Personnel Folders.
Version: 1.6.1
Last Updated: August 12, 2008

Please select from the following Personnel Folders online support documents:

IE Icon Getting Started Guide Full Page View
IE Icon Getting Started Tutorial Full Page View
IE Icon User Guide Full Page View
Icon IE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Full Page View
IE Icon Upgrade Guide Full Page View
IE Icon Version History Full Page View

Or select from the following downloadable support documents:

CHM Icon Windows HTML help file (.chm) Download CHM Help File
PDF Icon Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) Download PDF Help File
Click here for information on obtaining technical support for Personnel Folders.

Audama Software is excited to work on making the Personnel Folders the best business tool on the market. We have quite a few improvements and new features that we are working on but our best source of ideas and suggestions will always be the businesses who use and rely on this software on a daily basis.

If you have any feedback or suggestions you would like to send us, send them to Audama Software Support. We look forward to hearing from you.

:: STATUS ::

Personnel Folders version 1 was released in July 2005. Information and downloads for this version is still available on the website.

Contact Audama Software Support for all support requests.

Development work is still being done on this version.

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