Personnel Folders 1.6.1

User Guide

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The following user guide provides an in-depth look at various forms and controls within Personnel Folders:


Company Settings
Import Employee List
Add/Edit Employee
Manage Groups
Add/Edit Note
Add/Edit Contact
Add/Edit Contact Assignment
Add/Edit Special Day
Add/Edit Vacation Schedule
Add/Edit Sick Day
Add/Edit Personal Time Off Schedule
Add/Edit Out-of-Office Schedule
Add/Edit Scheduled Event
Add/Edit Holiday Schedule
Add/Edit Work Status
Time Off Benefits
oAdd/Edit Time Off Benefit Entry
oAdd/Edit Time Off Benefit Policy
oSample Time Off Benefit Policies
oBulk Apply Time Off Benefit Policy
oBenefit Accrual Types
Manage Schedule Aliases
Enter Registration Code
Backup Data File
Repair Data File
Keyboard Shortcuts


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