Personnel Folders 1.6.1

Getting Started Tutorial

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This tutorial will guide you through creating a Personnel Folders data file with actual data. Some instructions will reference data inputted in previous tutorial sections. This is because the instructions are set up to go through all sections from beginning to end. However, looking at the instructions in a single section only should still be sufficient to learn how to accomplish the task:


Create a new Personnel Folders data file
Create a new employee
Import a list of employees from an external file
Create a new job position group
Create a new vacation schedule entry
Create a new sick day entry
Create a new personal time off entry
Create a new work status entry
Time Off Benefits
oCreate a time off benefit policy
oAssign a policy to multiple employees at the same time
oCreate an individual time off benefits entry
oView a time off benefits report
View current schedules on the calendar
Terminate a current employee


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