The Business OpsCenter 3.8.2

Troubleshooting Errors

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Error messages in OpsCenter will usually provide the following three pieces of information.


1)OpsCenter error code
·Includes a number value and very brief text description.  Primarily used as an index into the error code documentation in this help file.
·Provides more detailed information about the specific context that the error occurred.  This will sometimes be able to provide enough information to resolve the error.
3)System Error Info
·Provides more technical error information which is supplied from Microsoft Windows.  This information is displayed when it is available..  


These three pieces of information along with error code documentation provided below should help to identify the cause of the error and how to resolve it.


Miscellaneous errors
o101 - OpsCenter error
o110 - OpsCenter already running
o111 - No database selected/created
o112 - No user selected
o113 - Error logging in user
o114 - Too many login attempts


Database errors
o201 - Missing or misconfigured database driver
o210 - Unknown connection error
o211 - Cannot find database file
o212 - Database connection lost
o213 - Invalid database file
o214 - Database file locked
o220 - Incompatible OpsCenter version
o221 - Expired database
o250 - Cannot add record
o251 - Cannot edit record
o252 - Cannot delete record
o253 - Cannot archive record
o254 - Cannot unarchive record


Permission errors
o400 - Insufficient permissions
o401 - Feature is disabled
o402 - System user capacity reached
o403 - Registered user capacity reached
o404 - System record capacity reached
o405 - <No User> account is disabled


Validation errors
o500 - Value out of range
o501 - Invalid character
o502 - Invalid date
o503 - Name already exists
o504 - Name is reserved
o505 - Required field missing
o506 - No valid recipient
o510 - Invalid user/employee selected
o511 - Invalid group selected
o512 - Invalid alias selected
o513 - Invalid action selected
o514 - Invalid status selected
o530 - Invalid registration code
o531 - Invalid registration code
o532 - Invalid registration code
o533 - Invalid registration code
o540 - Incorrect password
o541 - Password rule violation
o542 - Password mismatch


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