The Business OpsCenter 3.8.2

User Guide

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The User Guide provides instructions on how to use the basic features.  This information is for any regular user of The Business OpsCenter.  If you are looking for instructions on global features and setup information, see the Administration Guide.


User Interface
Status Window (In/Out Board, Bulletin Board, Event Calendar)
oChanging Status
oStatus Change Notifications
oStatus Table
oBulletin Board
oEvent Calendar
Communication Manager
oReceived/Sent Messages
oSending/Receiving Notes
oSending/Receiving Phone Messages
oSending/Receiving Vacation Requests
oSending/Receiving PTO Requests
oAdd/Edit Bulletin Board Posts
Schedule Manager
oAdd/Edit Vacation Schedules
oAdd/Edit PTO Schedules
oAdd/Edit Sick Days
oAdd/Edit Out-of-Office Schedules
oAdd/Edit Scheduled Events
oAdd/Edit Holiday Schedules
oAdd/Edit Work Schedules
oGrid View
oDay View
oWeek View
oMonth View
oYear View
My Local Groups
My Status Change Macros
Archiving Items and Messages
Managing Auto-Archive/Delete Settings
Table View
Printing Data
Exporting Data
Keyboard Shortcuts


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